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What should I consider when choosing?

Berth must be strictly individual, chosen by the individual. When buying an orthopedic mattress should pay attention to the following factors:


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weight category of person;
how much the person is active during the day;
whether he feels pain in his back and neck;
personal desires and requirements for comfort.
matraz1Sprosite, but where does the age? Very simply, the younger the person, the harder the mattress should be used. Senior easier to be on the soft. The fact that up to 25 years of age and a little older and the body has formed the backbone is not yet sufficiently developed properly. Therefore, the muscles must be clearly recorded, which is achieved in the horizontal position on a hard surface.


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Reaching and surpassing the 25-year-old line, the person is completely formed, the body is functioning stably. Therefore, mattress selection is made depending on personal preference. Upon reaching the age of 45 years should be to secure a comfortable sleep. For this age group recommended anatomic pillow-top mattresses. These mattresses can allocate support for parts of the body and spine.

Of great importance in the selection of orthopedic mattress plays a person's weight. In general, everything is simple - the heavier the person, the harder the mattress should be to fall less. For skinny people up to 60 kg recommended by the soft and medium-hard mattresses, suited to their age group. For the weight category up to 90 kg (the average adult male) selected by personal feelings, how comfortable to lie on a selected surface for sleeping. People with weight more than 90 kg should give preference to hard surfaces, but given the age. It is necessary to pay attention to the parameters of the product, as each model is designed to determine the maximum allowable weight.

Next, it is necessary to consider whether the person is experiencing pain in the spine and neck. If there are any symptoms, then maybe acceptable models for age and weight, it is necessary to choose the most hard mattress. In the event that the case of periodic pain, it is best to choose a double-sided mattress, in which one surface is more solid than the other. This will at pains to sleep on the hard side, and then change to the usual surface that meets all the parameters of the owner. In diseases of the spine, such as a herniated disc, rheumatism, the choice is stopped on anatomical models or soft.

And, of course, the mattress should be comfortable and convenient for the owner. This is not the main criterion when choosing a product, but the price of comfort models are significantly different from conventional orthopedic mattresses in a big way. Do not skimp on sleep surfaces, remember that a third of the life we ​​spend on them.

 What is the mattress?

Often confused and orthopedic anatomical model. What is the difference between them? Anatomical effect - when the surface is as accurate as possible is able to take the body outline person lying on it. Maximum anatomic mattresses can be composed of individual spring units, and latex mattresses Memory Foam (storage outlines).

Orthopedic effect, along with the ability to also take the human body outline also provides support to the spine, preventing it from warping. Whatever the situation may hold a person during sleep, on an orthopedic mattress his spine would not bend, intervertebral discs, ligaments, muscles are always in a normal relaxed state, while maintaining physiological bends, vessels and nerve fibers are not prejudiced.
matraz2Podbirat be mattresses on the parameters listed above, or too hard or too soft will only contribute to spinal deformity. The maximum orthopedic effect is achieved by using Pocket spring mattresses with spring blocks of independent springs and springless models.

When buying a mattress, you should take it into account micro-climatic parameters - moisture transfer, breathability. During the night the human body evaporates up to 700 grams of water and generates heat. It is well known that the moisture and the heat is a favorable environment for fungi, mold, which are allergens. Good surface to sleep with bedding to absorb moisture and should dissipate heat, and in the daytime accumulated moisture must evaporate. Microclimatic settings must maintain a constant body temperature, preventing overheating of the body. Mattresses should not collect odors, remove moisture and heat. These properties depend on the characteristics and the filler material from which the product is made to sleep.